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We are always committed to maintain the accuracy, confidentiality & security of your personal and corporate information and data. We have created Privacy Principles to keep our use of customer information limited.
We do not sell, share or distribute Customer’s Information to any marketer, promotor and/or and third party.
User Accountability
We are responsible for maintaining and protecting all the customer related information under control.
Accurate Purposes
If we collect any information of customer it is only for the reference purpose and has to have right purpose The purpose for which customer information has to be identified at the time asking for it.
It is must to give right knowledge to Client and consent with him/her for the collection of information in the case of need.
Collection Limitations
The information collected by customers has to be limited just for the purpose of identifying for future references by Technicians and Information has to be collected following lawful guidelines.
Limitations and Retention Time
Any information would only be used or disclosed only for purpose it was stored for which it was collected. Customer information would only be retained for the short period of time just to fulfill the purpose.
Accuracy Overdetails
Customer information has to store in an accurate manner to avoid any future conflicts and have any issues in tracking and details in future.