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While logging in to your Hotmail or Outlook account, this might be absolutely shocking and frustrating at the same time when you get the message that Hotmail account doesn't exist, as you remember that you logged in to the same account just a few days ago. What are the possibilities and remedies? Now there are two kind of situations that you might face, the first one is you login to your Hotmail Account or Outlook Account and it says that this email account doesn’t exist, and the second one is you login to the email account after a long time like more than nine months and you get the same error message that is “Account Doesn’t Exist”. Now in both the cases please make sure that you are typing the correct User Name for your Hotmail Account or Outlook Account.

What is the reason that it doesn’t exist now?

  • First possibility, that you might be making any typing mistake or spelling mistake in entering the Outlook or Hotmail email address in the field.
  • Another possibility is that you might not have accessed your Outlook or Hotmail email id for past 365 days, due to which it got deleted from the server and now you are getting error message when you are trying to log in.
  • Your account might have been deleted by yourself or somebody else; usually in these cases the rivalry or hacking is found to be involved.
  • Your Outlook or Hotmail account might have been hacked and it might have been renamed, so your original email id will become an Alias. Hence, when you try to log in using the original account (which is an Alias now), the system will prompt you that it does not exist.
How Can I Fix This?
Go ahead and reset your browser and got to the official Hotmail login page. Just below sign in you will see and option “Cant Access Your Account” Click on it.

After this it will give you three options
  • I know my password, but can't sign in
  • I think someone else is using my Microsoft account

    Steps after this

    • Then you will see a page Recover your account. Type your Microsoft account or phone number and the Captcha characters shown then click on next.
    • Next page will say we need to verify your identity. You need to choose the best option to get the security code and click Send code. If you don't have access to any of the options given, you need to click the option that says I don't have any of these and click next
    • On Recover your Microsoft account page, you need to enter your Microsoft account again which you are trying to recover and a new contact email where you want to receive reset link information, then click Next
    • There is only one option left now that is to fill up the password reset form. Fill it up as instructed and wait for revert.

    Contact Our Hotmail Customer Support Team

    If even after following all these steps you are not able to login to your Hotmail Account or Outlook Account then you can always ask for Hotmail Help from Hotmail Support Experts. You can also call us on 1-866-208-8685 if Outlook account doesn't exist and our technicians will help you gain access to your account.