Hotmail Account or Outlook account doesn't exist
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If Your Screen Says “Hotmail & MSN Account or Outlook account doesn't exist”

At the time of signing into your Email account, you get a message “Microsoft account doesn't exist” as picture below:

  • Now the Big Question is, why my "Microsoft Account does not exist"?
  • This error simply means that "Microsoft Account does not exist"
  • The user is already logged in using a name Alias.
  • If the user renames the affected email account into a new, the original email account will turn into an Alias. Thus the logging while using the original email account will send the system a message the user that it does not exist anymore.
  • Ma be the person has mistyped the email address in signing page.
  • Simply retype the correct email address in field.
  • If the person does not access the email account in 365 days, the account will be deleted due to inactivity on that specific account.

How Can Somebody Fix This?

You simply have to Reset the web browser and Go to the official page of Hotmail & MSN or outlook. Below Sign in you will see an option “Can’t access your account?” click on it.

After this you will get three options:

  • I forgot my password
  • I know my password, but can't sign in
  • I think someone else is using my Microsoft account Then you will get a page like shown in the image below.
Hotmail Customer Support phone Number

Simply type the email ID and the special character and click on next button.
Now you will have the recovery options and with the help of them you can easily get your account back to running.
You can also call on the number 1-866-208-8685 for instant Live Hotmail & MSN Support and one of our Expert technician will be more than happy to help you to follow and restore your account with all the capabilities and suggestion with years of experience to unblock your Hotmail & MSN Email account.